31 01 2009

This is for the people who talk during watching a movie. Take notes, it might help you not annoy people you’re watching with.

I was watching this movie on t.v., a movie I’ve never watched before, and so I was really into it because it kinda aroused my curiosity because of its story line. It was a local movie. One of my “housemates”, the girl, decided to do her nails in the same room. I didn’t mind at first, but then she got all talkative and started talking to me. At first I entertained her, trying to pay attention to what she was saying and trying to watch the movie at the same time. She couldn’t shut up! She couldn’t even tell that I was not interested at what she had to say at that moment. After she has told me about her “super” day, she proceeded to ask me about the movie, at first it was okay, I told her what was happening so far, and for a few minutes she shushed and watched. After a few more minutes, she began asking what was happening, and what the characters were doing and why were certain things happening. I wanted to tell her that I don’t know what’s going to happen, it’s the first time I’m seeing this movie, but because I am polite, I explained the best way I could. That didn’t stop her from asking the same questions 5 minutes later. At that point, I swear I answered her through gritted teeth. And she still didn’t get what was happening. And she still couldn’t tell that I was so annoyed at her already. I was so freakin annoyed I wanted to yell at her and tell her how stupid she was and that the movie was too deep for her smallish brain to comprehend. She just got into my nerves so badly, I stopped watching the movie half way as I am not enjoying her company and it was fairly hard to watch with her blabbing away and asking stupid questions about the movie every 5. freakin. minutes. I mean, we were in the same room, and she had a pretty good view of the t.v. and yet she kept asking me what was happening, she wanted me to explain every sequence of the movie, hello? Why watch then? Why not just let the movie finish and I’ll tell you about it. It was so freakin annoying! No wonder nobody wants to watch a movie with her, she’s just so freakin slow. I mean my other housemate told me about this habit of hers before, but I thought she was just exaggerating. I didn’t think she was that slow. But tonight, OMG, she is the slowest person I have ever met. And the most annoying person so far. Gawd! Let this be a lesson, don’t ask stupid questions, and if you must watch a movie, make sure to have your common sense with you, otherwise, you’re never gonna have someone to watch a movie, orĀ  anything else with.