Anger Management

23 01 2009

I am so tired. I have been for quite a while. I have all these things happening around me and I just want to scream.

My cousins are pissing me off. Especially the boy. He’s been at it again, fighting and screaming at everybody. Stupid little spoiled brat. I just want to wring his neck. I swear that kid is pure evil. His parents can’t even control him, it’s like they’re afraid of him or something. If he were my kid he wouldn’t be like that, I’d discipline him. His parents just let him do anything, and I mean anything. I swear this morning he hit my kid with a belt, and it made me so furious that I can’t do anything to him because he isn’t my kid and I didn’t want to create problems between me and his parents. Something should be done about his behavior, before I do something about it myself, and trust me, when I do something, he won’t be screaming at anybody anymore and that’s a guarantee. His parents seriously need a seminar on good parenting skills.